Buying Guide

Are you looking for a convenient method to eliminate bed bugs within a short period of time? Then you can think of investing your money on a reliable bed bug trap. Many different bed bug traps are available out there in the market and you might find it as a hard task to purchase a one. If so, you can go through this bed bug traps buying guide and purchase the best bed bug trap available out there in the market for you.

If you are not willing to spend a lot of money to get a bed bug trap, you can think of purchasing an inexpensive bed bug trap. Climb up interceptor bowls are the perfect option available for such people. This can deliver positive results for the individuals who are planning to use traps around a couch or bedroom. You can simply place small bowls that are named as Climb up interceptors under each leg of your bed or couch and it will take only about $20 for that. However, it is not in a position to deliver 100% positive results.

Bed bug alert monitor and trap is one of the most popular methods available to eliminate bed bugs from your home. It can assist you to stay away from the trouble of bed bugs for a period of 6 months. The best thing about bed bug alert monitor is its affordability. In other words, you will be able to purchase it for less than $14. It uses special pheromones in order to attract bed bugs and then uses a glue to keep the attracted bugs stuck in one place. Therefore, it can be considered as a good method to look for bed bugs in mattresses. People who go on vacations prefer to use this kit to look for bed bugs in cruise ships and hotel rooms.

If you are looking for a technically advanced bed bug trap, you can go for bed bug beacon. It is one of the most effective bed bug traps available for the people who need to monitor bed bugs in a home or apartment. The bed bug beacon seeks the assistance of carbon dioxide in order to attract all the bed bugs and it can work for a period of two weeks. It can also be used to draw bed bugs from any empty room, where there is no activity at all. If you are planning to move to an apartment, you can use this type of trap to stay away from the hassle of bed bugs.

The Nightwatch bed bug trap and monitor is one of the premium bed bug traps that are available in the market. It uses three different technologies to attract bed bugs. They include kairomone scented lure, radiated heat and carbon dioxide. When combined, these three methods can deliver excellent results and bed bugs can completely be eliminated from a home within three to four days.

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