Do natural pesticide sprays really get rid of bed bugs?

Do natural pesticide sprays really get rid of bed bugs

As the people are worried the dangerous home use pesticide for the bed bugs, a number of natural kind of product are developed. Different kinds of bug spray are on the markets which are essential oil, alcohol and other things to fight infestation to all bedbugs.

We are used in different kind of pesticides pray to get rid of bed bugs but how effective this product? Researchers the Rutgers University they are testing 11 products and various pesticide bed bug spray. Then they are finding recently published the journal of economic entomology.

They are detected the following product:

Bed bugs 911
Bed bug bully
Bed bug fix
Bed bug patrol
Eco exempt IC2
Rest assured
Essen tria
Green rest easy
Stop bugging me and many more…

The researchers sprayed the product directly. They are found that eco-raider and bed bug patrol killed the 90 percent bed bugs.

Eco-raider was killed 87 percent bedbugs egg and had a little effect on the bedbug’s eggs.
Eco-Raider active elements involve geranial, cedar extract, and sodium laurel and sulfate.

Some of the low effective sprays contained many of the same elements as the effective ones. And which that some of the inactive elements play an important role or create a synergistic effect with the essential oils.

And it also notes that the lab condition product somewhat compared to real life situation, because that the spraying bed bugs directly and often difficult as they hide and sprinkle. This finding suggests that eco-raider and bed bug patrol are strong and useful pesticide for controlling bed bugs infestation, but further testing in naturally Harassed environments are needed.

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