Easiest way to kill bed bugs

Easiest way to kill bed bugs

Bed bugs are the very common problem these days and almost everybody has dealt with a bed bugs infestation at least once. Not only are the bits are the bits are very difficult to actually get rid of the bugs without using the service of a professional exterminator.

First, you need to purchase a raid bed repellents, diatomite powder, and JT EATON bug spray 2. Then, pack everything into a garbage bag and put them in your basement or unoccupied room, do not let anything loose or leave lying around. Spray attacks. I know everyone says it does not work, but it does. People think it kills bugs, but it is not. According to “exclude” them. Spray it everywhere, I mean everywhere, especially near the corners and cracks and area closures, in your bed.

Close all doors and windows, and to ensure that no outside air got into your house, so you cover the gap of the door leading to the outside. Do not go inside or spraying, open any door three hours. This will cause the insects from their hiding place to the open dispersion, and sometimes give you a chance to kill and clean up any. After this, and this is the real work to open the doors and let your house, fresh air, and clean daylights as soon as possible. Do not leave any loose. They use loose items, such as paper hidden until a clean place; they climb right back in bed.

Vacuum, scrub everything does not need to throw away or repurchase. Clean your furniture especially cautious and vacuum bed and coaches with vacuum tubes. After you take forever to clean your house, take all your clothes and you do not want to get rid of, throw your washing machine with temperature as hot as it allows the sheets and blankets. Do the same thing in the dryer, but you must let the clothes dry one hour or longer. More than 140 degrees, at least one hour of heat will kill any remaining errors or egg. After that, spray your whole house with JT EATON pesticides, everywhere. Ensure spray bed, couch with it until wet, and let it dry naturally. This usually kills a bug in the field.

Then later bugs cover (dust mites find a complete protection and seals) for your mattress. This will make the rest of the bug in your mattress and cover, they will never be able to escape, and from buying a new bed for your savings. I did not find any cover coach, nor so be careful. I will not coach until the spill, I will post later powder.

Next, put your clothes washed, and keep them in an empty closet or in your room away from your bed corner. I would suggest that they do not stay in the basket and drawers, diatomite powder sprinkled all around. Your bed, chest of drawers, clothes on any table or stand around and, in particular, furniture, such as beds, chairs, and coaches, and to cover them. This powder is 100% emotion and is completely safe for children and pets, just make sure they do not keep playing around it, get it all over the place like I have. In every way like at the foot of the entrance door of your bedroom, or even crack sprinkled around it around your house. The powder, as soon as they enter the wrong dehydrated, so killing them touching it kills bugs.

After this work Take all you’re outside bagged up items and through them to make sure that you do not see any hidden in your project. From your house to do it up Make sure you put your stuff for you through in a tight plastic bags to sort and wash them, you do other clothes. Keep these items away from your bed, sprinkle powder around them as well. Now all that’s left to do is wait. Since you sprinkle powder everywhere bugs will be nowhere to go, and will not be able to climb up your bed and furniture. Yes, it seems to be a long process, but it needs. These errors are very persistent. Plus it is really cheaper than anything else. In all, I spent no more than $ 80 and I have not seen because any bugs, I’m on my third month will not have any bite! Believe me; I know a lot about the little devil.

I moved into an apartment and had to deal with them for four months. The landlord promised he would take care of it, but never did. I am allergic to bites and it leaves traces of embarrassment and pain in my body. I had to wear long clothes just to hide it, it is spring. I had my boyfriend, winding them with me. This is embarrassing, I felt so bad, so determined to get rid of them, I do my research and came up with this little plan. Because I’m going to go to school, work part-time I cannot afford pest control, and sometimes they do not always get rid of this problem. Some people usually just wash their clothes, sprinkle flour, but I was extra cautious, I mean, they followed me from one side of town, on the other hand, they are a pain in the butt to get rid of but this is the best, cheaper way.

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