How to Make a Bed Bug Interceptor Trap

How to Make a Bed Bug Interceptor Trap

The Bugs United States has become an increasingly common pest problem. They are many different places where people gather , schools, doctors’ offices and restaurants and cinemas to be found , but the worst is intrusive in people’s lives is usually the place to rest and sleep , like houses, apartments, hotels, and homelessness shelters . In these places, bedbugs are around furniture who works most often sit or lie down beds, chairs, and sofas. In order to discover whether there is a bug in a room or piece of furniture, a piece of equipment called a bedbug trap interception can be beneficial.

Interception trapping and collecting bugs when they tried to travel with their human hosts and their hiding places between. Bugs intercept trap easily identify common household items and disposable plastic containers.

How to works interceptor trap:

Placed interceptor trap on top of all of the furniture legs to prevent bed bugs from parasitic to that part of the furniture , also , already is possible to reduce the rest of the furniture of bed bugs in the movement of the part of the room I can do it. Interceptor trap depends on the bug bad ability of the bed to climb on the smooth surface. The trap has a rough portion of the moat of the smooth surface prevents the escape and make it easier to enter the bed bugs. Bed bugs and trying to either of leaving the acquisition or furniture to the above, in itself, this is found trapped in a moat smooth surface instead.

Item needed:

  • Small container that fits under the furniture legs ( example : food storage containers and margarine tub )
  • Large container that will fit within a small (for example food storage containers )
  • When placed a small container on a large container, there must be at least ¼ spaces “between two of the container wall.
  • (Example: tape) rough surface tape
  • Adhesive (for example, hot glue gun and instant adhesive)
  • Options: surface application, because it is more difficult it is to escape the trap.
  • Fragrance-free baby powder ( talc )
  • Car polish
  • Options: trap in order to prevent the support structure from cracking under the weight of each trap , furniture
  • Or square of tile
  • Plywood square

Step by step instructions are given:

  • Cut four sheets of rough surface tape. Cut pieces should be at least the same height as the small vessel wall.
  • Press the four tapes vertically in a small container of the inner surface in order to connect the even space firmly the bottom of the container and the inside of the upper end.
  • As the entire outer surface is covered from the base to the top of the container, wrap the rough surface tape more around the outside of the large container.
  • Bonding the small container at the center of the bottom portion of the larger vessel.
  • Please be smooth so that the surface cannot escape the

Large small container, to apply the car polish or talcum powder on the inside of the outside. Applied, it will follow on how to polish the product to the instruction of the car polish bottle. If you are using talcum powder, please do not touch the trap surface glare in your hands. Talcum powder and you will need to re- apply as needed.

Move the furniture to be protected away from walls and other furniture; place the trap under each of the legs. In bed, the bed floor, wall, or you should not touch the other furniture.

To the carpeted floor, in order to prevent the trap from breaking under the weight of furniture, place a square of tile or plywood under the trap. Any bed bugs are found involved in a moat of the trap or can be left there to die, drowned in soapy water. (A mixture of 10% of dishwashing detergent and water and then spray them.) Insects in the trap are, for Please confirm positive identification that it is the actual bed bugs them to experts to take. Because they were able under creep of small containers, 70% if you will not be able to extract them from the trap, the tweezers, and cotton swab in order to put them in a container of rubbing alcohol or of leakage prevention, use, using a sealed plastic bag and place the whole of the trip, you can take the next step towards the eradication pest control experts and county extension agents, to take it.

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