Homemade bed bug trap

The bug is a very common problem these days; almost everyone has at least one handle a bug infestation. Not only are these bits that are difficult to actually get rid of bugs without using a professional pest control service.

If you have decided to stay in to get rid of bedbugs without any risk of pesticides that may pose health risks, then here you will find a natural way to get rid of homemade bug solutions.

Homemade bug solution is the easiest way to eliminate bugs in your home. Therefore, follow these rules; get rid of the bugs in your home. Continue reading Homemade bed bug trap

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How to make a bed bug trap

An effective bug trap can be made about a dollar worth of common household items at home, its ingenious team from the University of Florida, according to the inventor.

Bugs are dangerous parasites often live in mattresses and other bedding, waiting for the human victims to snooze. Once people sleeping, unsuspecting insects pierce human skin with their mouthparts and suck out the blood.

  • A plastic pet dish and divided pet dish and   a flat bottom food bowl need.
  • Talcum powder (baby powder) scented or unscented it does not matter.
  • A small paint brush, makeup brush or cotton ball.
  • Some fabric and you also used old shirts, which is worked great.
  • Glue and you also use masking tape.
  • Dry ice in cubes .this is the last steps   you will need to prepare the trap before you get dry ice.
  1. At first use a coat and a brush and coat is a very   , very thin fold of talcum powder on the bottom of the grooves. A dusting is all that is needed, the talcum powder ensures the bed bug won’t be able to creep up the sides and get out of the trap.

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