Organic Bed Bug Killer

Organic Bed Bug Killer


Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer, Natural Organic Formula Fastest

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer. Kills Bed Bugs. ON CONTACT

  • ERADICATE BED BUGS IN YOUR HOME – Eco Defense uses a proprietary blend of All Natural Organic ingredients to Kill Bed Bugs on Contact. Don’t let Bed Bugs infest your home and put you and your family at risk. Eco Defense Kills adults, eggs, and nymphs FAST and prevent them before they have a chance to invade your home or property.
  • ELIMINATE BED BUGS COST EFFECTIVELY – No need to hire an Exterminator using dangerous chemicals and pesticides around your family (** University research has noted that some insects have developed a resistance to poison based products** ). Eco Defense Bed Bug Spray was created and is currently used by professional exterminators so you know it works!
  • 100% CHILD AND PET SAFE – Eco Defense does not use Chemicals, Pesticides, or Poisonous Ingredients. Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer was formulated to Kill Bed Bugs while being 100% safe around your children and pets. You can be rest assured that when using Any Eco Defense products your family will not be exposed to the dangers and long term side effects these chemicals cause. Let the All Natural, Organic, and Non Toxic Ingredients put an END to your Bed Bug Problem.

ELIMINATE BED BUGS. 100% Guaranteed.

Eco Defense Bed Bug KillersEco Defense creates all natural formulations to battle bug and rodent problems inside and outside of the home. The company’s Bed Bug Killer is fast-acting and potent, while using effective natural and organic ingredients that are safe around children and pets!

The Bed Bug Killer from Eco Defense comes in a 16 ounce spray bottle. It’s colorless and slightly odorless.

I liked the simplicity of the ingredients, and that they are 100% organic. With small children, I’m always conscious of the sprays and formulations that I use on and around my home. There are no chemicals, pesticides, or poisons added to the ingredients.

The Bed Bug Killer works by eliminating the bugs on contact, at any stage of life, even eggs. It is non-staining, so it’s able to be sprayed directly onto the bed, sheets, couch, and other surfaces.

I found the spray to be almost oderless, but the more that I sprayed, the more I picked up on a mild scent. It wasn’t overwhelming, and I didn’t feel the need to open any windows after testing it out.

Eco Defense’s Bed Bug Killer is definitely a handy spray to keep in the closet! Whether you’re treating a current problem, or simply taking the formula along to spray on your hotel bedsheets, the natural ingredients and non-staining components make it a great choice for families.

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