Homemade bed bug trap

Homemade bed bug trap

The bug is a very common problem these days; almost everyone has at least one handle a bug infestation. Not only are these bits that are difficult to actually get rid of bugs without using a professional pest control service.

If you have decided to stay in to get rid of bedbugs without any risk of pesticides that may pose health risks, then here you will find a natural way to get rid of homemade bug solutions.

Homemade bug solution is the easiest way to eliminate bugs in your home. Therefore, follow these rules; get rid of the bugs in your home.

Best homemade bug solution:

There are many solutions have removed the bugs in your home. But the best homemade and easy solution, it is 100% effective.

Items needed:

  1. 2 tablespoons of detergent
  2. Dettol disinfectant or any 2 tablespoons
  3. Drinking water 500 ml

-mix thoroughly

– Fill the bottle liquid window cleaner.

And ready to use.

This homemade spray is very effective; even damage bug eggs. Not harmful to humans. It kills bugs and eggs after spraying. It kills the bug does not have any blood left vague, etc., so that the liquid can easily use the easy walls and bed linen and pillow covers. It kills the bug does not have any blood marks. This is a bug and can be from Dettol soap powder, or at home, we make use of any preservatives sterilization cheap and remedial measures. No bugs smell, the smell solve.

And you try to remove some tips homemade bug your home and to prevent re-infection, without having to call professional help.

  • Bug messy areas like hiding and breed, you have the less confusion, the more your home is easier and more effective treatment will bug
  • Throw out all unnecessary items and you keep a small pile limited bug hiding place and give yourself plenty of room to start vacuuming and cleaning
  • Remove dirt and a little bug vacuum objects, bedbugs bedding and furniture floor housing vacuum bedstead mattress spring mattress and vacuum nozzle can reach any other places.
  • Any clothing or infected with the same bed with hot water needs of a series of articles in contact shirt linen pillow covers. Bug indisputable very hot water and the easiest way to kill them is to use very hot water when washing.

He concluded that home remedies are very effective and very easy to deal with bug issues. I have already mentioned some of them, but there may be a measure of one hundred beats them. It is up to choose the most effective one.

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