How To Make a Bed Bug Trap?

How To Make a Bed Bug Trap?

An effective bedbug trap can be made at home using household items. People all over the world are bargaining bed bag problems. It is important to make sure that the bed bugs are present then treatments are done. An easier method of finding bedbugs by developed Dr.changlu Wang   a research entomologist from Rutgers University. This homemade trap is so simple and easy way to make and it is so inexpensive. His research is so high level; they found it worked very well.

This trap will catch more bed bug   if none   is sleeping in the bed but some bedbug will be caught even if someone is sleeping in bed and sofa. This trap is useful in determining if a bed bug is present but won’t catch all the bed bugs present. It should not be used only as a method of control. Only one trap used for per rooms.

Items requirement:

To make this trap you will need given below:

  • A plastic pet dish and divided pet dish and   a flat bottom food bowl need.
  • Talcum powder (baby powder) scented or unscented it does not matter.
  • A small paint brush, makeup brush or cotton ball.
  • Some fabric and you also used old shirts, which is worked great.
  • Glue and you also use masking tape.
  • Dry ice in cubes .this is the last steps   you will need to prepare the trap before you get dry ice.

Firstly, place the reserve container on the inverted pet food dish, near the bed. And it is used only one trap per room.

Secondly,   this item is needed to make this trip are easy to find.

Thirdly, use glue or masking tape to fix fabric to the out of the pet food dish.

Fourthly, use a small brush or cotton ball to apply a very thin dusting of talcum powder to the trap.

And at last in the morning bed bugs will be found on the ground of the trap.

Setting this trap is given below:

  1. At first use a coat and a brush and coat is a very   , very thin fold of talcum powder on the bottom of the grooves. A dusting is all that is needed, the talcum powder ensures the bed bug won’t be able to creep up the sides and get out of the trap.
  1. Take the thermos and Styrofoam cooler to your dry ice supplier and buy dry. Dry ice is very cold and will burn your skin so don’t touch it and if you suddenly or accidently drop some dry ice, use in gloves to selection it up.
  2. When dry ice is warm up then it turns to carbon dioxide gas and pressure will be build up inside the container. spire the thermos lid on tightly, but open the jet just a little bit realizes the pressure.
  1. Then put the inverted pet dish near the bed or sofa you think might be infected. Place the thermos on the flat areas. And you don’t touch the front or back of the pet dish.
  1. In the morning the thermos and look to see you have caught any bed bug. The adult bed bug is ¼ an inch and easy to see. This trap will also catch the tiniest bed bug that is about the size of pin head. They will be a pinkish color to see. This is only one very thin layer of talcum powder in the bottom of the trap.

Lastly, we say that the dry ice is very cold so it can damage the skin, wear gloves when you handling dry y ice. And keep out of reach of children.

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