How to Make a Bedbug Trap

How to Make a Bedbug Trap

Effective bedbug trap, according to its clever team of inventors from the University of Florida, can be done at home using the value of the dollar of common household items.

Bedbugs are, in many cases, waiting for the victims and snooze man’s coming, it is a sinister parasite live in mattresses and other bedding. After sleeping people, insects puncture the human skin that does not know that the suspect with their mouthparts, you sucked out the blood.

Because the bites are likely to be confused for bites or rash to mosquitoes, you also, bedbugs are without knowing it, there might be in your bed and other furniture.

To determine whether the bedbugs are present , or if you know you have a penetration , in order to catch them , you are , we are all needed to make a single trap , tape and plastic containers of the adhesive masking 2 disposable , Phil Koehler , according to the UF / IFAS urban entomology professor , there . Once built , a trap to catch , they collect the bug to try to move between the place where the people and bedbugs hide , he said This concept of ” trap , when people sleep , work for places that need to be protected in their place , ” Kohler says in a press release.

Here’s in five simple steps (and the fifth step is optional):

Step 1: Cut four of the rough surface tape. Each piece should be a small container of the wall as far as at least appears to be tall.

Step 2: Please press the four of tape on the inner surface of the container and is firmly and evenly space small in the vertical direction. The tape is smaller escaped the bug is an easily small container, they are trapped, it is possible to fall in the space between the large container of the wall, the researchers explains.

Step 3: bedbugs in such a way you can enter the easy trap , you wrap the tape around the outside of a larger vessel from the base to the top .

Step 4: adhesion more central to the small container at the bottom of the large container.

Step 5: You, if you apply the talc, the trap is that it is difficult bug to be able to escape, in the space between the size of the container wall, including baby powder, the best of the work.

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