Innovative Bed Bug Trap Solutions Idea

Innovative Bed Bug Trap Solutions Idea

Bedbugs are common and it is known all people .Bed bugs can be found all the public space many cities and towns of offices and shops.

The bedbugs are so small insect .This insect feed on human blood .This insect is most active when people sleep at night. This time, they are from the beds and biting, most people cannot feel the actual bite.

All people suffer from a bedbug problem innovates. Bedbugs are effective and can be a trap solution.

Dr.changlu wang case homemade solution of entomologists’ .His Rutgers University is as easy and cheap, but their research is such a high level and found that it works very well.

This trap will catch more errors when no sleeping in bed, but some bugs to be caught, even if someone sleeping in the bed and a sofa. This case is useful to determine if a bed bug exists, but do not catch all errors present. Not only is it used as a method of control. Only one trap used for per rooms. Innovate bedbugs’ idea solution bag will trap these.

Instruments needed:

  1. A plastic tray and the tray divided and food dish requires flat bottom.
  2. Talcum powder or baby powder scented or unscented use, no matter what you use powder.
  3. A small brush makeup brush or cotton swab
  4. And some tissues and also needs an old shirt, which works very well.
  5. And need glues and adhesives also
  6. Dry ice .this is the final steps required to prepare the case to reach before dry.

Now the establishment of this case is given:

First, a fur and a brush are used, and a very thin layer of powder is the fold at the bottom of the slots. If a powder is all that is required, talcum powder ensures are out of the trap bedbugs unable to track the sites and obtain.

Take the thermos and Styrofoam cooler on your local dry ice and dry to buy. Dry ice is very cold and burns you .your skin, so do not touch, and if it is a little dry ice fall suddenness or accident, use gloves to pick it up.

When dry ice is warming up it rotates to carbon dioxide gas and pressure build up in the interior of the container. Helm the Thermos lid firmly, but the beam open realized only a little pressure.

Then place the inverted pet bowl beside the bed or sofa you might think are infected. Place the Thermos on the flat areas. And you do not touch the front or back of the animal court.

In the morning, look The Thermos and to see you have captured all bedbugs. The adult bed bug is simple to see and ¼ inch. This trap will catch even the smallest bed bug, which is about the size of a pinhead. You will be shown a pink color. This is only a very thin layer of talcum powder in the bottom of the case.

Finally, we say that the dry ice is very cold so that it can damage the skin, wear gloves when dry ice handling. Keep out of reach of children and keep.

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