Natural Bed Bug Control

Natural Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs lived in a warm place, in many cases, make bedding, clothing, carpet, the house furniture. Bed bugs, why to enjoy these places, their constant supply of food, there are. , Overlooking the seams and headboard and the surrounding area of mattresses and furniture for the check black stool or blood smear for them.

How do I treat bed bugs?

The treatment of the effective nature of bed bugs comes with up to five easy steps.

  • Clean Steam
  • Wash all of the fabric
  • Your home vacuum clean
  • Apply the diatomaceous earth
  • Repeat if necessary

Before beginning, any of the entrance, by entrapping crevices. The chance of cracking or re-invasion is much lower for people to your house of evidence bugs do first in this.

Step 1: Steam, please clean your house you will need a steam cleaner

Bed bugs, it cannot survive in temperatures in excess of more than a few hours, 130 ° F. Steam is thoroughly clean your linen and furniture in order to raise the temperature.

Step 2: Wash all fabric

You are washing machine, dryer; you will need a plastic bag

Please put all the dough through a very high or cleaning in a very cold temperature. To store all of the cleaning fabric in a plastic bag or container that has been sealed and then dried in high heat.

Please use the carpet cleaner to get rid of any of the bed bugs from the carpet.

Step 3: whole house cleaner

You are, preferably, with a hose attachment, you will need a vacuum

To vacuum thoroughly, after your clothes, washing linens, and other fabrics, have been properly stored and dismantling the furniture, you start all of the surfaces in a vacuum.

After, you disassemble your furniture with special attention to the seams and the frame of the furniture, cleaning all the parts. After the treatment is finished, you will be able to re-configure your bed. Please consider that the use of all storage mattress cover in the future.

Step 4: Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the “miracle essential oils”, and for good reason: not only does it smell divine, but it also has strong anti-bacterial properties and it can also eliminate any bed bugs in your home. You can use tea tree oil to clean thoroughly at home, and even a few drops directly add to the bedding and clothing when you wash them.

You can also obtain a 2% solution, which consists of tea tree oil and warm water, then put it in a spray bottle and spray all bedding, carpets, furniture and bedding with this solution, and repeat the procedure once a week or every two months, depending on how strong the bed bug infestation was. The result is a bed bug-free space, the great smells!

Step 5: Clean Up

We recommend the DE down to defer as long as possible. Although it will keep far from a fashion statement, a constant barrier down against the bed bugs help secure your victory. After about a week, you can find them all off and suck it wipe. A word of warning here: DE is very hard on the traditional filtered vacuum cleaner. Unless you’re just a small portion of the cleaning, we recommend a shop with your vacuum motor to avoid burnout. For more information about diatomaceous cleaning after you apply it, check our article here.

Step 6: Repeat as needed

Repeat the cleaning, vacuuming, washing and DE application every 7-9 days until the problem subsides. Repeat steam cleaning as required.


Perform these steps in each part of your house. Repeat these steps are necessary to break the cycle of infestation. If you are using DE it will continue in your home to help prevent future infestations.

Bedbugs are robust, but they can be removed from the home with thorough cleaning and DE treatments. DE is a reliable product that is effective to use, simple and inexpensive.

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